Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bail Bonds Over Cash Bail has Plenty of Advantages

When someone is brought up on criminal charges, the reality of sitting in a jail cell is a harrowing thought. Fortunately, there are ways around that process as bail is available in multiple forms. Defendants can choose to post bail in the form of cash or bond. Here’s a closer look into why bail bonds have a distinct advantage over cash bail.

Interference with Fines

Handing over cash to a court means that it could wind up being used to pay any fines that may be assessed as a result of the arrest. Courts may also choose to keep cash bail to cover court costs. Handing over cash as a form of bail may also negate any kind of payment plan. The court will be more reluctant to agree to a payment plan for fines and court costs when it already has that money in hand. This is not an issue when using a bail bond since only 10% of the full amount of bail is required. That 10% is also subject to a payment plan and can be paid off in installments.

Right to a Lawyer

When arrested, it is a defendant’s right to legal representation. If a defendant cannot afford legal representation, a court will appoint a public defender. However, posting bail in cash shows evidence that the defendant has adequate funds with which to afford legal counsel. Therefore, it could eliminate the possibility of being appointed a free lawyer in the form of a public defender. That would mean defendants would have to spend more money on an attorney or venture into court with no representation at all.


If you wind up missing a court date for any reason, the entirety of your cash bail is claimed by the court. That means that if a defendant shows up in the wrong courtroom, is late because of traffic, or cannot make it because of illness or accident, all their cash is lost. When any of that happens on a bail bond in North Carolina, the court cannot claim all that cash because it was never handed over.


Posting cash bail for yourself or anyone else immediately becomes public record. That is often very embarrassing for everyone involved and could affect job status, relationships and other important parts of people’s lives. Bail bonds come with anonymity as there is no record made public when a bond is posted.

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