Thursday, January 4, 2018

Important Terminology to Know in the Bail Bond Process

Obtaining a bail bond or posting bail Salisbury NC comes with the use of language that is very specific to this process. It is important for those who are involved with any facet of the bail process to become familiar with the key terminology. Here’s a list of the most important terms to know.

Defendant – This is the person who is arrested and is not guilty until proven so in a court of law. This person may or may not need to be bailed out, depending upon the severity of the offense. 

Collateral – In order to obtain bail bonds, there must be something of value put up to ensure the bail bondsman is protected should the defendant fail to show up in court. Collateral could include money, property, jewelry, cars or any possession of significant value.

Premium – This refers to the percentage of the bail amount that must be paid to the bail bondsman. It is customary for most bail bonding services to receive a 10% premium for their services. It is pretty much a fee for their service.

Forfeiture – A defendant is required to make a court appearance following his/her arrest. When the defendant does not show, bail is forfeited and that process is known as forfeiture.

Indemnitor – When a defendant has another person co-sign for his/her bail and put up collateral, the other person is referred to as an indemnitor. The indemnitor is responsible for the defendant showing up to court.

Bond Revocation – This term essentially means that the bond is revoked. The bail is returned to the bondsman or person who posted it and the defendant must return to jail.

Failure to Appear – This term is used to describe a defendant who has failed to show up for a court date. It is also a charge that is filed against the defendant, in addition to the previous charge or charges that were incurred.

Fugitive Recovery Agent – Also called bounty hunters, these are the people who track down defendants that have missed their scheduled court appearance and skipped bail. It is their job to return them to police custody.  

Recognizance – Defendants who are released without having to post bail are released on their own recognizance. However, they are still required to show up for a mandatory court date.

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