Thursday, October 5, 2017

Understanding How Bail Bonds Service Works

Most people have watched some kind of television show in which a judge sets bail for a defendant in a courtroom. Some people may even know someone who has dealt with the bail bonds process but this does not necessarily make them familiar with bail bond services North Carolina. Here is a closer look into how that process actually works.

arrested man handcuffed and being escorted to the police car by an officer
First, it is important to note that a defendant can be released until the time of his/her court date, just as long as a certain amount of money, or bail, is paid. When someone is arrested, they are detained and processed. If the crime was a less serious one, the person may be released, or bail can be posted right after the booking process. If the offense is a more serious one, a judge will have to set the bail amount.

In some cases, the incarcerated individual maybe up for bail without any friends or family knowing of the arrest. Thankfully some bail bondsman companies offer local inmate search Salisbury NC, Concord NC and throughout the state. If there is a suspicion that a friend or family member is in jail, a bail bondsman online resource can reveal there status and bail quickly.

When a defendant cannot pay the full amount of bail in cash, there is the option of obtaining a surety bond. It is common for a defendant to contact a friend or relative, who then contacts a bail bondsman. There must be some type of collateral put up by that friend or relative in exchange for posting a bail bond. That collateral would be subject to confiscation if the defendant failed to appear in court.

A bail bondsman also charges a premium fee, which is usually 10% of the overall amount. A bail bonds service is backed by an insurance policy, which is provided by various surety companies. This protects the bail bondsman in the event that a defendant neglects to show up for a future court date. However, many bail bonds services employ bounty hunters who are assigned the duty of apprehending a fleeing defendant.

Once a defendant hires a bail bondsman, it is essentially the bail bondsman who is responsible for them. Those defendants who are a flight risk have difficulty obtaining the services of a bail bondsman.

Bonds can also be posted in a form of property by a defendant. A lien is then placed on that property by the court that is equal to the bail amount. A failure to show up for any future court dates means that the court can start the foreclosure process on the property.

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