Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Time is on Your Side When Purchasing a Bail Bond

When someone is arraigned and released on a bail bond, it can be a very nerve-wracking time. Even those who have been arrested on a minor charge become fearful of future legal repercussions. There are some important things to know about a bail bonds Salisbury, which could eliminate a good bit of worry.

Keep in mind that it is not unusual for cases involving minor charges to take some time before they are settled. Court dates are often delayed for a myriad of reasons and that might instill some worry into defendants. That will also lead them to question the amount of time their bail bond will permit them to remain free.

That type of worry is normal and the good news is that bail bonds do not come with a time limitation. When a bond is posted, a defendant actually establishes a contract with the bail bondsmen service. When it comes to a defendant’s responsibilities, there is a requirement to show up to every court date and to also pay the agreed-upon fees for the bail bonds service. As long as those terms are met, there is no worry of being returned to jail.

It must be stressed that defendants show up to every court date as one absence can land them back in jail. Bail bonds remain effective even in cases that are dragged out over a significant period of time.

However, it should be noted that regardless of what verdict is rendered, there is still an obligation to finish paying off the bail bonds service. In instances when charges are dismissed, the bond then becomes voided and the remainder owed for the bond needs to be paid off.

Defendants who receive a guilty verdict are also required to pay the remainder of the balance, even when they are sentenced to a prison term. But before any of that happens, there is no need to worry about a bond expiring. And showing up to every court date cannot be overstated as it becomes priority number one for every defendant, regardless of the severity of charges.

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