Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Top Bail Bond Myths

Not everyone is familiar with the ins and outs of bail bonds Concord and Salisbury NC as there are plenty of popular myths floating around. Here is a look at some of the top bail bonds myths along with explanations as to why they are untrue.

Bail Bondsmen Can Negotiate

A court sets your bail amount and that is not something a bail bondsman can negotiate. There are no court affiliations associated with bail bondsman services. A bail bondsman can only provide different ways of payment to clients. A judge remains the only one who can set a bail amount.

Bail Bond Fees Are Refunded

A bail bond fee is a payment made in order to initiate the bail process. Those fees are how bail bonds agencies make their money and are not subject to refund. Even if charges are dropped or a case is dismissed, the fees are not returned.

Family Members Have To Post Bail

Anyone with money and collateral can post bail. On many occasions, it winds up being a family member who posts bail, although it is not a necessity. Bost Bail bondsmen will only ask for identification and payment while not requiring those purchasing a bail bond to be kin.

Bail and Bail Bonds Are One In The Same

Bail refers to the amount of money that is set by a judge to function as a form of collateral. This cash can be recouped after a defendant stands trial, with the exception of some court fees. Bail bonds are actual documents that are used as a way of getting released from a county jail before a court date.

Bail Needs To Be Fully Paid For A Release

Bail amounts are often high and not everyone has that kind of money. That is where bail bondsmen come into play and offer an alternative. There are various payment options and plans, which make it much easier for families to get their loved ones out of jail.

Bail Bondsmen Are Not Bounty Hunters

The two are separate entities entirely. Bail bondsmen can hire bounty hunters should someone miss their court date and attempt to flee the area. However, bail bondsmen are not the ones out scouring the streets.

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